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Top feed injector plug

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Dealership says they don't sell injector pigtails? I could have sworn I saw someone with a part number but I can't find it.


Anyone know if you buy top feed injector plug with pigtail? And if so where?


I'm swapping from side feed to top feed, then realized that clips are different, I had 4 top feed clips but some are cut to short.

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That was easy...



Have seen the fuel rail that will allow side feed to run larger injectors. Tony Palo makes them.


After numerous requests, T1 developed the Side Feed Conversion Kit for those who

did not want to be constrained by their side-feed injector setup. This simple solution

retains the factory side-feed TGVs, but replaces the factory side feed rails with black

anodized / CNC milled 6061 aluminum top-feed rails and spacers, which are secured

by 8mm stainless-steel allen bolts. The kit also allows the use of any of the Injector

Dynamics line-up of top-feed injectors (ID725, ID850, ID1000, & ID2000). As an

added benefit, since the entire line of Injector Dynamics injectors are high-impedance,

there is no need to retain the resistor box or use any peak-and-hold injector drivers.




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I bought 07+ tgv deletes for 200, 8mm spacer for 75, junkyard 07 fuel rail with injectors and clips 85 dollars(one clip was cut to short). I am in the process of modding the old fuel rail with the 07 fuel rail. Its already done, I just have to put it in car. I cut drivers side 07 rail feed part, and then merged it with my stock one by flaring ends and some rubber hosing. Was pretty easy actually. I have dw 1000cc ev14 top feeds to go with the setup. We'll see if it works.
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Will do as soon as I am back at the garage, snow has been hindering my wrench time...

Real pictures saturday.


But this is a little mock up from various pics from




and Ebay for 2005 stuff



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I actually reused the elbow on 05 fuel feed to bridge 07 driver side fuel rail feed. Only thing you need is about 8 inches of fuel line/injector hose, I forgot what size, but I reused the same clamps.


The main objective was to make it run on 05 fpr system because I only had the one one piece forward of the left box 07 picture. If I had done more research I would have grabbed the fpr as well to have more options. But I like this one, will look stock.


My only other issue is the tgv deletes I purchased are 2007+ carbon plastic whatever, I'm not sure, but they do not have threading for the grounding bracket that bolts onto driver side tgv, not a big issue if its only a ground, and the passenger side has no bolt fastener for turbo coolant reservoir, which is also what my ip&t turbo oil feed filter bolts into, so 05 turbo coolant bracket is useless.


Other than that it seems to be pretty straight forward. I'll find out Saturday.


I contemplated the T1 kit, but I did not want to spend that much and gain that little. The 07 conversion kit including tgv deletes and spacer costs me 360.


It was either 630 for 1000cc sidefeeds vs 200+85+430+75, So I decided extra 160 was worth the higher potential if needed for injectors + included tgv deletes and spacer while I was down there.


Not sure how turbo reservoir is bolted on 2007, but once I verify if its the tgvs or the 07 design which is the problem I will post more info. I think I have vacation pics of a 2008 somewhere. Hopefully the 07 bracket bolts somewhere else which is usable.

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So it worked and it runs, got a base tune atm no issues. I actually just decided to use solder. So I was able to use all the clips from the 85 dollar junkyard purchase.


I'm quite happy with the mod. 790 + another 5 bucks for hosing.


You will need something to cut the metal fuel lines, flare the metal fuel lines, and smooth the metal fuel lines. You will have enough oem clamps to reuse, so they aren't necessary.


$795 for 1000cc top feed/tgv delete/8mm spacer mods.


I will take pictures of it installed in car. The hose is not even noticeable, at first glance it looks stock, it would not be easy to spot.

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