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My Betty :) Pic heavy


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Update 7/17/15 FIxed my exhaust leak and got the tune adjusted. Added a few pieces to deal with the issues i was running into with the fmic.


Update 6/12/15 Tuned by TurboTekRay out of Quantum's Dyno In NY




Teaser Update


Current setup Perrin 25mm FSB, AVO 0 Caster cab, Whitline front cab

Cusco 21mm RSB, AVO rsbb

04 KYB struts

05 Legacy GT brakes F+R DBA T3 Front rotor and Cyro's in the rear with Stoptech pads

Infamous performance oil line

Moroso Oil pan

Forge Bypass

Reinforced stock inter cooler


Grimmspeed Crankpully, Ceramic UpPipe, Turbo heat-shield, and gaskets.

Invidia Down pipe with magnaflow cat, egt and extra 02 bung welded in.

PTP lavablanket

Lava wrap on down and up.

SMFW with exedy replacement clutch

Center console gauge with Innovate wideband and boost gauges.

Led Dome and door lights. :)

BrenTuned stage 2. :)

Summer tires 255/50R17 on 17x8 et 35 Rota Torques

Winter tires 225/55R17 Continental Extreme winter contacts









I will add more from the summer later. No track pics.

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Engine pull from the summer.




Toasted the clutch


New parts on waiting to go in. The Grimspeed Up i put on after i broke this one.



This is why u get a TSK kit




Gauges in



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it reminds me of how the Volvo XC70's look. I like.
258k miles - Stock engine/minor suspension upgrades/original shocks/rear struts replaced at 222k/4 passenger side wheel bearings/3 clutches/1 radiator/3 turbos
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Update added perrin front endlinks and got rid of the stop tech brake pads. the Stoptech pads do not like call they dust bad and i managed to glaze them.



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Perrin Transmission mount and pitch added

Torque rear end bushings

Grimmspeed MBC brace

Hawk HPS+ front pads

07 spec B 6spd and R180




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Right now i'm on 04 KYB's come tax time it's Blisteins with outback springs. :)

6spd is so nice. unfortunately I'm so use to the sound at 3500rpms with the 6 I'm hovering 90-95 mph. 82mph is 3krpms I need to get use to it quick.

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Slightly higher ride height and they act like stiffer springs. I'm trying to lower my outback only 1" -1.25" without spending $2500 and improving contro and also leaving more clearance for my tire choice..

Might do a modified koni setup instead though i haven't fully decided yet.

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I spent around $3500 with the extras like Perrin mount rear bushings etc.

Tires are Hankook 255/50R17 they are all season sport truck tires. I love them. U need at least a 8" wide wheel and 35 offset to run them. Wet,dry are awesome. gravel idk as i never go off road. they are rated for snow but i have Continental extreme winters for snow and ice.

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