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My Betty :) Pic heavy


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I am switching to a thick walled 321ss header with iconel bellows v-band up-pipe with ewg and my downpipe is being modified so the ewg dumps back into the down pipe. In other words a holy grail setup to me. :)

In other words back with the wife. Bought her a new SUV and she is letting me get some really expensive parts. Funny how that works. :lol:

Working on getting a Full Tigwerks setup and my Maddad V2 modified.

This is a picture of the header tigwerks builds missing the 02 and bellows. Should be almost identical to the one i am getting.



This is a pic of the two bolt version of the up pipe with the bellows in it. His work speaks for itself. Maybe a little over kill for my 18g but i will never have to worry about it.



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The Build quality is the same. Materials are the same. Killer-b may spool earlier. These ones will breath a little better due to longer primaries.

These also can came with inconel flex section and the price is about $400-700 less depending on setup. I don't see the holy headers being worth the extra 4-7. These are both top tier parts. Just like ETS, killer B and the rest of the 421ss crowd it comes down to what u want.

Bellows is just another term for a flexible section. Inconel bellows are about $350 a piece so they are not cheap to add.

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Haven't been able to ship the 18g out. Had to replace a bunch of parts. Buying a house as well so it's the AP header. I'm going to wait for the tigwerks stuff.

Past few months have been two rear wheel bearings. Rear pads. 2 coil packs. new plugs. New tps on the left tgv. New Perrin bushings for the sway bar. Destroyed two due to eating washers. I have been Busy with maintenance for once. lol

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