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My Betty :) Pic heavy


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I cheated i bought this kit added in a custom bracket to hold the fpr i bent up and an -6AN plug. The T is in the pictures.


My tune was Done by TurboTekRay.

The fuel temp may be affected by my phenolic spacers and the fact it goes away from the block. but it still deals with under hood temps.

I routed my lines so it was easy to setup. lol

No issues with them on my ID1000's

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Well OLD dog is back. I sold it and then bought it back a year later. i have alot of TLC to give it.


New suspension is order JDM bilstiens


New Raxles for the front. boots were torn and they were for an outback.


Finally doing a cat-back and a bigger turbo.

It has an IAG stg 2 block front brembos and little other additions i will be adding updates on later. lots of parts are changing and a retune soon.




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Here is the work from the weekend. I have a carpi-tunnel so my left hand doesn't allow me to work like i use to. AVO catback. XL12 hangers, dressup bolts, It runs again after the alinment i will redo the fuel system and put on the 20g.




Sweet set up you got there! Did you have the exhaust custom made? Where did you get your Hella brackets? Did you make your own harness for them?

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I'd love to see more about how this bumper core and cover integrate with the FMIC?

Love what you are doing thus far.

Worth it to do the AVO vs. Just buying piping? It seems this kit keeps you far closer to stock configuration than the generic builds I've seen.

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I will grab some pics when i can. i would suggest an ETS front mount before the AVO. you loose your tow hook in the front. Plus i had to customize it more with custom pipes and brackets to make it work. idk about keeping the fogs yet with the new pipes.

i haven't really updated because i am having clutch issues and i pulled the trans and put it back in with out getting it working. :(

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