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EJ22 Piston Crown Differences.

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Of course I have 2 sets of the pistons that are high comp. No boost for Aleks :(


Low boost 4-5psi max or you can push it with e85. atomic boosted the same engine you have now. Speaking of which, whatever happened to that guy anyway? His wagon was awesome.

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I have a 95 with under 110,000 Can I boost it? I'm thinking of doing the power mod to this summer.


Yes, you can. Just keep in mind that boost increases the stress on the engine, so longevity will be shortened if you abuse it.


I've never heard of or ever saw his car.


I was just asking in general! LOL! But here is his car:

[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KtooGDYkTXs]Subaru 2.2 turbo - YouTube[/ame]

[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-GXlFmhb404]Subaruu - YouTube[/ame]

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Found in all Legacy L, LS, & Outback cars. Best for boost.



Found in ALL Ls & only 1996 manual Outbacks. Okay for boost.


Any questions?


yes, one... is this only ej22?

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Thanks for representin my wagon! :)


was just posting to say that the phase 2 pistons are pieces of crap. Phase 1 ej22e's pistons are significantly thicker in just about every spot. Also I would say that ej22t from 90-94 ej22t's are the best for boost. But that's kinda a given. Just don't reuse the rings :p they're 3mm not 1.5mm like the n/a's. At least the top ring. I can't remember what the others are.


I pretty sure my ej22et was faster than my a4, but my a4 is so smooth.

And muh motorcycle is a hacked up 71cb500. I spend a ton of time on that jeep too as my friend has very little automotive skill. It's got a 4.6l stroker in it. He hydrolocked his stock 4l from me pressuring him to go through some 2-3ft deep puddles :p It's payback for him driving my car and bring it back with the piston below >:)



phase 2 ej22e piston


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And muh motorcycle is a hacked up 71cb500.



love the bike, i have an old 79 cb750 that will get bobbed and chopped someday. it was my second bike, had it since i was 19. its already a frankenstein bike, its a K model with a SS rear and F front end on it. the F front was almost 2" taller than the K and the SS rear is about 2" shorter, so it leveled the bike out from cafe to a good cruiser stance. it had a really nice low rider mustang custom seat too, wasnt much taller than 26" at the saddle. sigh, thats my "after the kids move out" project...

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