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missing air cleaner parts

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I bought this wagon a month ago, and the VIN plate says it has an "EJ221CWAWL" engine. But the engine configuration doesn't match EJ22 images I'm finding on the internet. I don't know the terminology for the cold air intake components, and it seems that several of mine are missing.


This is my car:



It seems to match this engine better:



Can anyone identify the items I've drawn lines and numbers to (1, 2, 3), or ID what should be connected there (4, 5, 6)?


#2 looks like the air filter housing ("air box"?) and it has a filter inside (NAPA GOLD 2728-062808AC1). Is #3 the mass air flow sensor?

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If the car runs as is, without the end that's open, you wont have a MAF, as you car runs on a MAP (manifold absolute pressure) system.


If you car will not start, you need a MAF before you worry about anything else..


Let's say you don't need that and the car runs, here is where we are.


1. Air inlet/intake tubing

2. Airbox/filter housing

3. IAT or air temp sensor


5. A silencer elbow to eliminate noise on the OEM setup

6. Hard to say from your picture.



***4. That is where a big black box should be connected too, better known around here as the "snorkus". It actually goes into the fender well and picks up atmospheric air that isn't already heak soaked by the engine bay. THIS IS NOT A NECESSITY.


I feel as if #6 isn't anything that is that important and if you think it is, try to get a better close up

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Nice, thanks for the response. Yes, the car runs fine as is. It has a dozen things wrong with it but all relatively minor except impending head gasket job.


Here's a better view of the entire engine compartment:




And here's underneath the air intake tubing:



#4, #5, #6, #7 are not currently connected to anything. If I wanted to order replacements for these missing items online, do they have names? What's the official name of the "snorkus"?

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