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Stripped reverse gear?


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Just posting to see if the amazing wealth of knowledge you guys have can come in handy.

I started up the car this morning, a 2012 legacy na 6 spd manual, depressed the clutch, put it in reverse, let out the clutch, and heard a slight grinding noise. With this noise, the shifter popped out of reverse back into neutral.

I've tried holding it in gear, putting it into gear with the car off, and going into first and then into reverse. Nothing. Just a grinding noise and no reverse.

It goes into 1--6 just fine, and the clutch and tranny fluid are full.

I brought it to the dealer this morning, but maybe you guys can gave some insight.

I am the only owner of the car, and have put 23k miles on it. I baby this car like no other. And I've never had any problems before this.

Please help me out.

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