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Exhaust opinon plz!

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Hey guys, finally got my BNR 16G turbo installed with the invidia uppipe and with invidia downpipe w/ a high flo cat.

perrin 3'' inlet hosing, and a full catback exhaust.

Truthfully i love it, gets kinda raspy around 3k but then sorta evens out?

But i live in Westfield Ma, where cops wake up in the day just to stop someone for an aftermarket exhaust.

I'm thinking something about the mufflers, i still got the stock ones, but the flanges w/ the bolts are really rusty. Ithink they'll all fall apart. Idk anyone ever buy some kind of mufflers from somewhere that might quite it down a bit? Thanks! getting it tuned today or tomorrow!

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Thanks, No image, but seems good. You have them on your car?

Deletes noise by alot?

My only problem is the price. I don't mind the price but i just paid the mechanic for all the work he did on my car. So not to crazy about spending close to 500. Anything relatively the same but a bit more cheaper?

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There are cheaper options yes, but IMO the quality of work these guys put out is well worth the money. I don't have the muffler's but I have the axleback muffler deletes and love them!


I have heard many good things about these 5" mufflers though. IIRC one of the owners, Ryan, runs them on his LGT wagon.

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Hi, Sounds like you got your car back.


I'm sure Joe told you how he likes the sound my wagon has. Only problem is they were not cheap.


Not sure what is around your area for perfomance shops, but in Manchester CT there is National Speed Center. I buy some things from them.


Problem is I don't not what name brand my knock off mufflers are. The wagon has a low rumble that will vibrate the building but is not that loud.


When I was in the dealership for the brake recall, the building shook when they drove the wagon in.


I'm not sure if you could talk to some who knows exhaust and find a cheap $80.00 muffler that has the great sound.


When I get the wagon back I can do some measuring and find out how big they are.

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