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Multiple error codes - HELP


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Just wondering if anyone can point me in the right direction here -If I'm posting in the wrong place I apologize.



I have a 2005 Legacy GT (5EAT) that was pro-tuned (Mod list: Perrin turbo inlet, Perrin top intercooler, Perrin header, Cobb Down and UP, Perrin pully, gates timing kit).



I had a check engine light on for a week and then all of a sudden it killed while on the highway. I was able to limp home and trouble shot and came up with several stored codes:









and three pending codes:





To complicate this (somewhat) my knock sensor is inactivated (long story)... Looking these codes up I don't see a place to start trouble shooting - they just look to be all over the place so I'm initially thinking of starting at my relays and going from there. It might be a long shot but was hoping someone here would say "damn - I had those same codes...here is what you need to do...."

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Front O2 sensor. Replace it.

EGT sensor. Put a 2.2k .5watt resistor in the connector, in place of the EGT sensor. The ECU shuts down the engine when this pop up. (you replaced your UP, EGT sensor probably didn't go back in)

Means the tranny has an error code. In turn, it tells the ECU to throw the CEL.

TGVs stuck open

TGVs stuck open

Something else related to TGVs.

Speed sensor malfunction. The speed sensors are related to the ABS system. This is the reason for the P0700.

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