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Black box under passenger seat

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Yup, my 05 has this under-seat sub, turn up the bass on the deck to confirm....





Does it look like the sub linked above??? I would have guessed it would be under the driver's seat not the pass (mine is).


If it doesnt look like that I'm gonna guess it's the "processor modual for the "ocupant detection system" or whatever the FSM called it. There are 4 strain sensors built into the passenger seat. They go to the above mentioned modual and this modual uses the sensor data to determin if an adult (or large enough child) is sitting in the passenger seat and turns on the pass side airbag. IIRC it is calibrated for 68 pounds or something like that. I think the box is about twice the size of a pack of smokes or a bit smaller. There is actualy a dealer procedure to calibrate it if any parts have been replaced.


.... I guess Subaru didn't think a spring loaded button in the seat cusion was good enough. /shrug

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