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Top Gear - Africa Special (Subaru Rocks!)

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Yes 3 of them were (left one 16" on the front passenger at the end after resolving his "suspension" issues roadside).


Looks like the support team had spares for all three cars and the WRX got some LGT 5 spokes as backups.


I was also surprised to see the Volvo 850R wheel split like it did - looks like that's one of the cars that Rota must have made the "OEM" wheels for that some of the Rota fanboys like to tout. :eek:

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Also anyone notice Hammond ended with 3 lgt wheels and one wrx? Three 17's and a 16? For shame


a few posts later...


So at the end of the trip. Did anyone notice that hammond's wheels are lgt wheels??





Ontopic: The traffic segment was hilarious

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For the three of them being quite the morons....LOL....They ARE pretty damn enterprising. It was quite hilarious to see the backup car sink into the river. Apparently Hammond must be PRETTY good at repairing an obviously destroyed LCA as he beat on it pretty hard in the final race.


All in all, great stuff. Thanks much OP for putting this up.

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