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UT: Cars and Coffee


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For those interested we have been meeting at this location in South Jirdan for quite some time now, tomorrows meet should be a good turn out. We'd like to see more legacys out so make it if you can.


We usually meet every Saturday at 9:30 a.m. Then grab lunch afterwards.


Here is a link to the location.


In case you can't view it the address is 10600 south and 675 west south jordan, UT 84095.



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Looks like us 2.5i owners had a rep there! Looks like a good time.


Yes sir, Sean and a guy named Patrick repped the LGT's but I spaced taking pictures by the time they showed up. More Legacy guys should show up, it's a mix of all makes and models of cars and there are usually a mix of people of all ages for those too cool to talk to the young newbies. ;)

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Thats a far drive to see a whole bunch of ghey imprezas and a monster truck.


It's too bad that this poor guy has to talk crap about other Subaru's. That monster truck is pretty lame but there are plenty of other cars there that are just as cool as his Legacy with coil overs and a sweet bashed up quarter panel.


Most of the guys up north don't make it down to this meet with the exception of a few guys that meet at chevron before hand and cruise down together. I live in Midvale if you want to meet up with me at the chevron off of 7200 S exit Ill cruise down to the meet with you even if you are one of those said "ghey" Legacy owners. ;)

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