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Average difference in timing between 91 and 93 tunes


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Yeah, stock map is 93.

My best gas is around 90


I did some more readings and now learning about the combination of boost, fueling and timing that will give the end result.

But lemme ask, if I should advance or retard timing a (2-3 degrees) would that be a noticeable change in performance?

I guess that answer depends on fueling and boost :-/


CR is 9.5:1 on this engine!

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I think that I did answer this a while ago - that for the low octane rate (90) that is available the compression ratio of a turbo engine (8.5:1) is about what can be handled by the engine without boost to avoid knocking.


And changing the timing will result in less power, so it's either no boost or boost with bad timing.


So what's needed is some way to improve the octane rating, like adding Ethanol or octane booster. Or a water/methanol injection as soon as you start to go into boost. Unless you can get E85. But you may need to change injectors to be able to run E85 since the air/fuel ratio is different for E85.


And looking further into the fuel alternatives for your location I suspect that you would have been way better off with a diesel.

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