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Problems starting my Legacy

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Hi everyone,


I bought a 2010 Legacy back in August. I'm a big fan of the car, but lately I've been having an issue where my car "coughs" alot prior to starting, and it sometimes takes over a minute, with repeated efforts, for the car to start. When this issue happens, the dashboard repeatedly blinks, and occasionally the clock in the car resets to 12:00. Other things I've noticed alongside this problem is that the blue light on the bottom left of the dashboard is usually on, and it's particularly troublesome on cold mornings. Lately, it hasn't been as bad but I get the feeling that whatever the underlying problem is hasn't gone away.



Below is a video illustrating the problems I've been having:




I'm not particularly knowledgeable about cars to begin with, and figured this would be a good place to get an idea of what might be the trouble.


Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks.

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^^ wow oddly enough i'm having a very similar problem suddenly the past few days... minus the clicking sound. mine is just kinda slow to start and my radio resets itself.


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That signs of weak/dieing battery or very bad connections. Drive to Auto Zone or a place like it & have them test it. They do it for free. Also check the alt. voltage output. When the car running, it should be putting out 14v+



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Also grease the terminals after you have cleaned them and installed the terminals nice and tight.


The grease will keep moisture out, grease all around the terminal, top and bottom.

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