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06 spec b at the track

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had some gopro footage from an autox i did back in the fall. finally got around to editing into a little something something.




[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0R-6Sa5qlAM]Nassau Coliseum Autocross - YouTube[/ame]

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Your spec B sounds awesome :) Nice numbers there with the vf52. Would like to see more videos of your car in action if you have any.;)


Thanks man, you can check out my YouTube page:




I guess its hard to see from the video but i got that cheapo $60 wrx ebay lip. Really hard to open my wallet to a nice one when they get beat up so much.


And hood louvers would be cool. Should find a used 2.5i hood at the junkyard and hack it up for race days!


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hood louvers would drastically reduce under hood temps and allow for faster power steering pump performance.


It would definitely be a worthwhile project to do some kind of mod to the cheesy factory fluid cooler for the power steering. that probably my biggest issue getting through the tight twisties as you could see from the cockpit shots. fighting that steering wheel like it was an arm wrestling match! Seen some old writeups on how to install an external cooler, all you really need is the right size hoses to hook it in.

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