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Can't change air flow direction

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So I pulled my ac control unit to replaced the burned out light bulbs and 2 weeks later I can't change air flow direction. I can live with it because it's stuck in the

forward direction (1st button). The only issue is no front defroster. I hear the

ac kick in when I push the defrost button but no change in airflow and nothing from the vent on top the dash near the glass.


I can still change the temperature.


I doubt the control unit is the problem. It actually worked once a day or so ago.

Should I be looking for a fuse or pull the blower assembly???

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Check the wiring how its plugged in.Unit leads to a servo type assembly on the side of the heater box. Doubt you could have pulled it apart since the connecter is tabbed, but anything is possible. This is what controls the direction.

Go back to the control unit and also check your fuses.



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I have a spare AC control unit that doesn't light up. I can still at swap it in to see if the

issue was the current control unit or elsewhere


then do that. it will help you narrow down your problem


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