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Installed third muffler on my Magnaflow CBE - Initial Review


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Hey all - I've had my Exhaust Setup for quite a while now (Crucial Racing UP, Invidia 3" catless DP, & Magnaflow 3" CBE) and the noise was finally getting to me :lol: I did a quick search on here and read about adding a Magnaflow Universal Muffler (Part #11219).


During the install, I decided to take some pics and share my experience, unfortunately, I thought the diameter of the Midpipe was the same diameter as the Muffler, so I cut the Midpipe exactly 20" in length, not knowing the muffler's diameter is actually bigger than the midpipe, which would allow it to slide inside for a leak-free setup. :mad: Long story short, with the clamps I'm using.. it's leaking very slightly, enough to feel it with your hand, or hear it at idle (from outside the vehicle) if you listen very carefully.


I had clearance issues with the muffler contacting the driveshaft tunnel, so I made a small bracket to pull the exhaust more towards the passenger side, using the holes from the driveshaft heatshield.


Thoughts on the added muffler? It's perfect.. idle hasn't changed much but driving part throttle is awesome, windows up, down, it's great. Not too loud, I can have a normal conversation inside while driving, not worrying if he/she can hear me; and you can still hear the Boxer sound, IMO the muffler contributed with a deeper sound than without the added muffler. I'm very impressed. I haven't driven full throttle yet, as I'm breaking in my new clutch setup.. but I'm sure I'll add further thoughts in a few weeks. :p


Anyway, on to the pics.. if you have any questions or comments, feel free to post up.


The muffler


The marking (I suggest cutting 16-17" instead of 20" like I did. :(



Installed - but contacting the underbody



Custom "bracket" to pull exhaust away from the underbody.


From behind.



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your plates look familiar...



the exhaust clip of you revving the piss out of it w/ the magnaflows is what prompted me to get em.

however, i did the 3rd muffler install the same day, and it is somewhat tolerable now.

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Is that better (wrt to sound & performance) than adding a resonator: http://www.summitracing.com/parts/WLK-22538/


Unless I'm very mistaken, that Magnaflow is a straight-through absorption type muffler, often referred to as a resonator. ;)

Obligatory '[URL="http://legacygt.com/forums/showthread.php/2008-gh8-238668.html?t=238668"]build thread[/URL]' Increased capacity to 2.7 liters, still turbo, but no longer need spark plugs.
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