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How to: Injector install / Replacement (With Pics!)

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It's relatively simple, but pictures do not hurt. After searching I couldn't find any and so without further ado, I present to you a how to.


Set aside about two hours and you can take your time.


Pull your car up to a nice shaded area or into garage. Pull out your 15 amp Fuel Pump Fuse. Start the car and run it until it dies, so the fuel pressure is released.


Starting with the Passenger Side:


- Remove your air intake duct. If you want, you could also remove the entire intake air box for more elbow room. I have an aftermarket intake, so I didn't have to move it.


- You will need to remove the turbo coolant reservoir to access the rear pass. injector. Start with the bolt a the bottom. Then unclamp the two hoses going towards the radiator. Fit the smaller hose into the bigger hose so coolant doesn't spill while you set it aside some where. Now just lift the reservoir upward and onto its side.







The next steps will be repeated for all the injectors.


- Grab a T25 Torx socket and remove the screw that holds down the injector.




- Pull out the bracket that hugs down the injector and Unclip the harness. For both rear injectors, it helps if you have your thumb press and hold the clip, while using a flat head screw driver to lift it up.





- Pulling the injector out. This is the hardest part because the plastic body of the injectors are very soft and could tear easily if not carefull (You lose more money on your rebate/core if the plastic body is damaged , I.E. Deatwercks rebates). You'll want to wrap up the tips on a some pliers with electrical tape or duct tape and gently grasp the top of the injector and pull. I also used a towel rag as an extra precaution if fuel where to spit out. ( it didn't).




- Prep your new Injector. Take the grey caps off your oil injector and fit onto your new one. A flat head will work fine. Take some Synthetic grease that was provided and lather over the two O-rings or use some engine oil. Make sure your hands are clean !





- Install your new one. Make sure the area is clean and no debris is inside the fuel injector housing. Install it in the same orientation as the old one faced. (the rears, clip faced towards the firewall. the fronts, clip faced towards the radiator). Make sure the injector snaps into place and that the bracket that hugs onto it, sits flush ontop of it. I used my adapter screw driver to push it all the way in. Push on top of the grey cap.




- Reinstall your bracket with your T25 screws and plug everything back in. you're done !





It'll take a few seconds to get the car started again on the first try.













Injector replacement 4th Gen Legacy Walk-through.pdf

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Loaded photos for posterity's sake - Added PDF
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What are the good aftermarket fuel injectors? I do not necessarily want to go to a large flow rate injector, because of the extra fuel consumption. I just wonder if there are advantages from one fuel injector to the other based on other parameters that affect performance, such as fuel atomization, spray pattern, etc.

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What are the good aftermarket fuel injectors? I do not necessarily want to go to a large flow rate injector, because of the extra fuel consumption. I just wonder if there are advantages from one fuel injector to the other based on other parameters that affect performance, such as fuel atomization, spray pattern, etc.



DW are the most popular and reliable aftermarket upgrade. There are others, but not sure if they do any rebate programs. DW are also recommended by tuners. (easy to tune with)


good write up, ill be upgrading mine soon and this will help a lot. Is there any risk of damage to your pump pulling the fuse like that and letting it cut out?


Not at all. Pull the fuse before starting the car. The engine will only run with whatever fuel is left in the injector housing and then dies.

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Thanks for the write-up on how to do this. Have a P0302 code, before I change plugs I figured I'd swap the injectors on cylinders 2 & 4, see if the code moved.


Ran into trouble getting a grip on the injectors to pull them out with pliers, noticed the holes on each side. Figured those were probably used for a specialty tool made for pulling the injectors, so I made a puller out of a heavier duty coat hanger and one sturdy zip-tie, worked like a charm.


Having trouble attaching pics today, so here's a description of how. Use one of the hangers that has the cardboard tube, discard the tube. Cut off both bend ends so you have two equal length straight pieces connected by the curved hanger end. Using a pair of pliers, bend a 1/4 tip 90 degrees to the end of each side. Then bend an offset (two bends required each side) into each end so that the tips can fit into the injector, while the two hanger wires can snug together just above the injector. Cinch the zip tie around the two wires, trim the excess.


Slide the zip tie up towards the hand grip (hanger) end while inserting the bent tips into each side of the injector. Slide the zip tie down to tighten the tips in place in the injector. Hold the puller with one hand near the injector, pull on the other end, should work fine. You can also bend one of the handles on a binder clip as shown, but the hanger is the easier solution.


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Nice write-up!


Coming from the world of top feed injectors on 2.0 WRXs, I can't help but feel a little relief at seeing the ease of this process; Lord, how I hated dealing with the infamous GBODs on my other cars.


No upgrades of this sort planned at the moment, though. Perhaps some day...

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im going to be doing mine in a week and a half along with a dozen other things (pump, turbo, tgv deletes, inlet, clutch, flywheel, etc.) and it makes me feel a lot better seeing this and the ease of it. Awesome write up! will prolly look at this about 20 times while doing it. lol

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Is the 15amp fuel pump fuse in the engine bay or the cabin? I searched the engine bay when doing my fuel pump and I could not find it anywhere. I'm pretty sure I checked the fuses inside the car as well but I gave up and just removed the fuel pump anyways so I never figured it out. I will be doing the injectors tomorrow so I would really like to know exactly where it is.
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Also, you did the work in writing this up, so I took the liberty of converting this to a .pdf so it's easily downloadable, and posting it on ScoobyMods.com. Located here
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