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Wide body kit

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So, I saw a picture on a Subaru group on facebook the other day of a sweet wide body kit on 2nd Gen. RS Wagon. I'm about 99% sure the car was in Japan, but I was wondering if anyone has seen anything like it. I have been looking for it, but haven't found anything yet. I attached a copy of the picture I saw. Does anyone know anything about it?


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Make you own wide body kit at the bodyshop the way Johaan did.

I really don't like the WRX ling boxy fenders vs. Just some tasteful rounded fender flares. Legacies are more classy then that.



This is by far my favorite fabricated wide body kit. The fenders are lifted off of a second Gen accord and the rear Bumper Is off if a 4th Gen legacy sedan.






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I like the accord flares on the 2nd Gen. I saw that another time, it might have even been the same car that you posted here. I like the look of the big squared off, GT car fenders, so I thought I would ask if anyone knew anything about them. I'm gonna look into the Accord flares though, that's pretty sweet.
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I've seen a couple cars with GD Fenders on the front. They flow very well. You might be SOL for the rear unless you go custom.




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