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05 Legacy 2.5 GT auto.- mechanics throwing hands up, live in the south, pls help! lol

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So i want to apologize if im repeating anything thats been posted but i dont even know what to look for on someone elses post at this point- just wondering if anyone has had this issue or can point me in the right direction...


I bought my 05 Legacy 2.5 GT automatic on april 24th and its been in the shop since then... except the 2 weeks ive had it and found things wrong with it...


they put a new turbo on before i bought it, subaru did not send them all the parts/ directions so it was not properly installed... got that taken care of after 3 weeks of back and forth hell with subaru. i initially took it to the shop because it stalled out on me at a light (AC was on) and when i cranked it back on the check engine was on and cruise control flashing- next day turbo blew.


so i got it back a little over a week ago and 2 days later it stalled out and same lights came back on. now its not wanting to go over 2500 RMP or if it does, the speed doesnt want to register right.. just doesnt feel right. also its eating gas like made.

they ran a diagnostic and codes 700 and 725 came up but after spending a few days in a tranny shop, they threw their hands up and said they couldnt find the source of the codes and think its electrical/ computer.

i have a limited warranty that has expired but he will keep it up if i find tanny/ engine problems on my own.. got the number to a local import shop but would like to go in with any extra knowledge i can get!!!

i think thats all, lol... sorry it ran so long! thanks!!!!

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the codes are transmission related codes. the gas consumption should be engine related only. i can see the car not wanting to rev past 2500 due to the tranny codes.


what are the thoughts of the mechanic?

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PM ClimberD@hexmods. He may be some help. Another good member for tranny help is BAC5.2





I hate automatics. Good Luck and Welcome to the forum.

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Give turbo time in Cary, NC a call. They see a ton of subarus each day, and even if they don't end up working on the car, they can help you out. I live in Durham and my car went through two shops in a month. They had it diagnosed and fixed in a week.
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