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rode hard and put away wet

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first post: this is an awesome forum- I am so glad to have found it. the thread are fun and full of great knowledge. a little about me: the thread title fits, but hopefully, like the 89 gl wagon I bought with lo miles out here in south carolina, with some tlc and a few repairs i may have lots of miles yet to go.:lol: anyway- i hope i can help contribute when i can- dont know- seems like a few of you folks are really into the mechanics. I used to be an old shade tree mech before fuel injection and turbos came around. I have a great little 02 wrx sti back home in oregon- great machine! back to my rode hard '89: turns out the lo miles must have been really rough, sounds like cv joints or wheel bearings are out from the noises it makes turning sharp, plus it has an exhaust leak (or two) at the exhaust manifold, and maybe a sticky lifter (or four)... so- i must fix the rolling problems first so i can quit worrying about rolling off the road into the ditch! my question(S)- can anybody give me a rough idea what should be a fair price for new cv joints - or bearings?- at an honest repair shop? I am a stranger in a strange land out here in the southland- I hope to find a fair and honest auto shop... thanks for listening guys and gals- if I am here long enough i hope to get this little turbo wagon running strong. I should mention that the interior and and such is really cherry, nice! only 88 ,000 miles. i do really like subarus- all my relatives in the northwest have them..
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I bought a front CV axle from Autozone the other

day for my 94 Legacy and it was $62 (after the

core) with a lifetime replacement if it ever goes

out. And yes...this does work. I've went through

quite a few myself in my 90. The process is a pain,

but it's nothing you couldnt do yourself and save

a lot of money and learn in the process.


Wheel bearings will need to be pressed out and

back in. I bought some for pretty cheap with the

seals on ebay about 3 years ago and they've held

up fine so far. A shop should typically charge about

$40-ish dollars to press the bearing out and back in

and it'd be best to bring them your entire wheel hub

so that you dont forget the brake shield.


Living in Florida it'd be hard to refer you to a decent

shop, but I supposed any mom and pop shop could press

in/out the wheel bearing for you.


Congratulations on finding an old GL with that low

mileage and welcome to the forum :D

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yeah best bet is to remove wheel hubs and do the axles and bearings all in one shot. being such low millage its prob. sat around awhile and caused the bearings to have "sit" spots in them. I'm a fan of timken bearings, get the seals too as i think they are seperate. Iwould go any local machine shop with the hubs to have them press them out, back in again. my local shop charged me 20 bucks for a drive shaft bearing soo 30-40 sounds normal for wheel bearing.


Grats on the find, I allways like it when someone keeps an old subie going. I hate to see them sit and sink into the ground :/

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