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Wolfgang Spritz Sealant

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I was wondering what OCD thought of the Wolfgang Deep Gloss Spritz Sealant.


I've got a coat of Klasse Sealant Glaze on my car, applied it about two months ago. Since then I've washed the car at the wand wash a couple of times, cleaned further with DP Waterless Wash and applied the Wolfgang Spritz Sealant. There's two layers of the Wolfgang sealant over the Klasse now and the paint looks pretty good.


I washed it again today at the wand wash and the soap barely foamed up on the paint, it ran right off, so there must be a fair bit of sealant built up by now :p


Anyway, what's the lifespan of the sealant once applied and am I wasting my time/sealant by applying another layer? Should I re-apply after washing the car with the DP Waterless Wash?

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The spritz sealant is actually pretty sweet stuff. It is more durable than most waxes and it goes on really fast. The only gripe I have with it is that it can leave some streaky looking 'holograms' if you don't buff it down really well. So what I do is spray it on and sort of smear it around with one towel and then use that same towel to come back around and wipe it off. Then I go around with another clean towel and wipe it down again. That usually gets rid of all the streaks.


It is definitely an awesome product though. I use it on my motorcycle every couple weeks and it is much easier than using a traditional wax or sealant. Like I said, the durability is pretty decent. Not as good as if it were the liquid version, but unlike a spray wax, this is going to bond so much better simply because all a sealant needs is thin layers anyway. A wax needs lots of fillers and other things to stick to your paint, but a sealant doesn't need much at all. You really can't go wrong with this and I think you'll be really impressed. Especially if you are topping Klasse SG with it. It will look really good on top of that. At the point you are at with your car it is really just about the appearance anyway. You've got enough protection on there that you could probably neglect it for three or four months and still be fine, so anything you put on now is just going to make it shine even more.


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It's time to restock my detailing supplies and rather than go with the standard Wolfgang Deep Gloss Sealant I figure I'll give the Spritz a try. I have been using the standard sealant for 6-7 years now and the car still looks as good as the day I bought it (new). It is driven so infrequently now that very little paint correction is needed anymore, just a strip wash, polish enhancer, and a couple layers of sealant followed by a coat of P21S carnauba. Still, there is something very satisfying (albeit fatiguing) about a full clay and polish. :wub:


I'll report back with my impressions of the new spritz once I've tried it.

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