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What to do while the car is gutted..

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i've decided to completely gut the interior to wash and clean out.. pretty much completely detail so i'm halfway through..


wondering if anyone can think of a way to use this as an opportunity for something like relocating the battery while the carpet's out or something along those lines..

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and how loud the car gets after you do that.


Relocate the battery....especially if you're going to do a swap and run FMIC.


If you even have thoughts of every having a sound system....run all the wiring now to save yourself the headache.


Collect all the change you find.


Take pictures


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so here's progress pics, im not sure this car's ever been cleaned:







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i had a 22mm Rallitek bar that cleared it so i should be good there, i may run wires for some speakers in the spare tire jack spot and across from it, also thinking i could wire for some hidden reverse lights for the future, brighten it up back there
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