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I love love love my 2.5i but I've gotten bored. I can't afford the GT, although I long for some of its power.


I am about to put on a new exhaust, which will make it a little more fun, but overall nothing is really going to change. I'm not gonna drop money on a turbo, but what can I do that will give me just a little more power.


I really have no problem with the car in the city, but I put a lot of highway miles on the car every month and I want something that makes my 3+ hour rides a little more entertaining.

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For a n/a Cams are the only real power/cost worthy upgrade but take some work and engine knowledge that's my last upgrade ill do after suspension not sure if you have a sohc or dohc but for a sohc for the freeway drive like you said a 1500 delta grind would be nice I'm still debating if imma do a 1000 or 1500 I'm still looking into it and learning it though
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Correct me if I'm wrong but I'm sure some where under the hood or by the tower strut there should be a plate that says what engine you have or you can just look at your timing belt set up if there is just 1 big pulley on the left and right its a sohc if there is 2 then its a dohc cause there is a cam for intake vaulves and on for the exhaust vaulves
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If you want more fun, you need to concentrate on suspension. If you can't afford a GT, you can't afford dropping thousands on engine mods for tiny gains.


in full agreement.

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Unfortunately, there's pretty much nothing that will give you noticeable power gains on a 2.5i without spending a decent amount of coin. The dollar-to-horsepower ratio with Delta cams is meh (search on NASIOC), especially with the labour involved. The only thing I've read that's produced a noticeable gain on a small budget is a lightweight crank pulley.


I've mentioned this plenty of times to 2.5i owners: The biggest gain with the 2.5i is tires, suspension, and brakes. On my personal car, my favourite mods are:


- summer tires (the only thing that touches the road; #1 handling upgrade)

- RCE coilovers (yea I know, expensive. But I'm planning to keep this car until it dies, so worth it for me. Rides better/similar to stock, greatly reduced body roll and dive under braking)

- Group N control arm bushings (the car actually feels stable on the highway; no more wandering)

- LGT brake swap (stock brakes felt inadequate; these should've came standard on such a heavy car)

- AVO mufflers (just for the sound; don't expect gains)


Fortunately for me, 98% of my driving is in areas where the speed limit is no more than 40 MPH, so I exploit it's handling abilities on a daily basis. I also started autocrossing this year, which made me love the car even more. I highly encourage it if there's any events local to you.


If you really really really want to go faster in a straight line, you might be out of luck :(

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Suspension is where its at. My car isn't super fast, but its fun to drive and I can hang in with a GT or WRX around corners... get left behind in acceleration though...


I have:


Eibach springs

Whiteline offset LCA bushings

Whiteline steering bushings


Starspecs mounted on kosei racing K1 TS 18x 7.5" wheels


While it doesn't affect performance much I also have a Kartboy short shifter and all the bushings


Thinking that a throttle controller will be my next purchase.


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^I dont usually like being the internet police, but if you want to ask questions about your own car, create your own thread or post in a more relevant existing thread. Only post here if you're trying to help the original poster.
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It would help if you answered (Show me your badge)




I am here: http://tapatalk.com/map.php?ucw5gg


Did you really intend to tell us all exactly where you are (6800 enterprise drive...)? I would recommend turning that off.


OP-I've had my share of n/a Subarus, and wholeheartedly support the statements here: make sure it runs tight, improve the suspension, then drive the hell out of it and appreciate the reliability.

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