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Short Shifer Set up

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I think I'm gonna grab a short shifter pretty soon but I'm not sure if I need other components to install it.


I say this because I've been told by a couple different people that since I have the factory short shifter on my Specb 6MT that I need to

"revert back to the stock set up" before installing an aftermarket set up.


I guess I should have asked details because I don't know if they're referring to bushings or linkage components or what. I have no idea.


I searched a bit but I couldn't find anything specific to this, and I just got off the phone with a dealer and they had no idea.

Cobb is closed today. Any input?

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PM BAC5.2 I'm sure he'll be able to help.


But I also think everything would come with the kit.


Make sure the tranny is in netural when you bolt it together.

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All that most short throw shifters do is alter the place where the linkage attaches to the arm. So if the sts kit specifically says it should fit your car, your golden. Although there is a chance that the sts kit might not be any shorter than your stock shifter!
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