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window up/down not working

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One of my automatic windows stopped working when pressing the window up/down button at the drivers control.


When I went to the actual window that doesn't work, and pressed that button, it worked just fine.


I pulled the fuse. Nope. Any ideas?


Thanks in advance!

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My driver's side cluster is broken too. The driver window switch on the cluster broke a long time ago , however, I could open and close the window, but would have to make sure I put the switch perfect in the middle or it would roll up or down... if u left it without centering it u would not be able to roll up or down for about 10 min.... now it does not work at all... luckily the last time I used it when it works I had the window rolled up but it really sucks not being able to roll my driver side window down ie. drive-thru windows driving with all the windows down sunroof open rolling my window down to talk to people I have to open the door I need to get this fixed.
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