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STi vs 350z

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Still hard to believe...


An Sti stock can outperform it... I have seen STi's stock running 13 flat for a 1/4 mile... Around 40~45F though...


And as easy as it is to mod an STi to bump another 40 hp or so, really difficult to believe...


But it's possible the Z had mods on it...




Flavio Zanetti

Boston, MA

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That Z has pretty significant "bolt ons"


I've run with stock 350Z with my stage 1 LGT manual, and

off the line I've jumped them pretty good, they would start to

slowly creep up closer to me after we got going about 80 mph or so.

But by 100 mph I was still about 1 car length ahead.

Have run 3 of them (two from a stop, one from a 2nd gear roll...

I pulled 1/2 car on him and we stayed that way for a bit then he pulled up

alongside by top of 3rd.

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