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Engine needs to be rebuilt. options?

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My friend has a 2005 legacy 2.5i that has thrown a rod. The car is bone stock.


should he

A) get a rebuilt engine (quoted $4k plus labor)

B) get a new engine (quoted $6k plus labor)

C) buy a used built up turbo motor and put it in

D) get a new car and cut all losses


how do those quoted prices sound? how much would it cost to buy a built turbo motor and put that in his car?

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B and C are definitely out. Both are stupid.


$4k to rebuild sounds about right with a brand new short block and all the gaskets and labor and stuff. Maybe a smidge high, but not astronomical.


So, IMO, I'd either rebuild the engine or try to get rid of it.


What do you mean "thrown rod"? Like it's sticking out of the block? Or it just makes a lot of noise?

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^ I'm with him that sounds about right.


Think of all the things that have to happen to rebuild or replace a short block. There are a ton of nickle and dime things that add up fast. The timing belt kit is is $300. Fluids if they r7r the tranny fluid might as well as long as your there, $100 +

Do you need a clutch ? $600 there


Do a google search for a 2.5i short block.


I also agree with HAMMER DOWN, that is priceless.

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IMHO, drop in a used motor or swap to any sort of turbo motor.


The NA swap should be under $3k for a used motor and labor, at a shop. They really aren't hard to do - anyone with a garage, rented engine hoist, decent tools, service manual and a friend with skills should be able to handle it in a weekend or so. The trick is to get a good running motor that is mostly a drop in at a reasonable price.


Swapping to a turbo motor is much more involved and has a huge price range. Could be anywhere from as cheap as a $1-2k (?) wrx EJ205, to a $8-10k full sti clip swap with 6 speed, brembos, etc - plus labor & misc parts. All options are going to require a new cross member and re-wiring the car.

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