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2000 Legacy L Sedan ... Should I buy?

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The wife needs a good reliable car. I love my Subaru so I'm looking everywhere to find a great deal on something she can drive for a while.


Price range is $5,000-$6,500.


Since I already drive a Legacy Sedan I was looking for something different but a Baja was just sold right before I went to look at it. I also test drove a Forester which I would love but can't find a decent one in our price range.


I did test drive a 2000 Legacy L.

I'm leaning towards this car even though it's similar to the car we already have.


I think this was the first year of a new body style. Does anyone have any concerns or thoughts on the 2000 Legacy?


This particular car has less than 100k miles which is much lower than average.


Thanks in advance for any info!

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