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PE850 injectors


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As stated before, I picked up my 05 LGT in non-running condition. I rebuilt the engine with forged internals and a few weak point upgrades. With the exception of a gutted exhaust (UP and DP), the car has been running basically stock on a stage 2 tune for about 3000 miles now.


In preparation of my upcoming turbo and FMIC nistall, I dropped in a Walbro GSS342 and some PE850s this weekend. I changed the scalar to 850 and used the following for latencies (recommended by Clark Turner on NASIOC):



6.00 9.00 11.50 14.00 16.00

5.46 2.00 1.30 0.79 0.59


After priming the system, the car started and idled damn fine. I made my 50 mile commute this morning running Rom Raider's fuel injector scaling tool. After 50 miles of me being very careful not to put my foot through the floor as well as trying to get a good sample of the entire 20-100g/s range Rom Raider disagreed with my settings. The tool recommended an 890 scalar and a reduction in lag by .09.


I would almost buy that, but learning view says otherwise. I didn't get a screen shot, but the stock ranges were showing -0.7, +6, xx, -1. If scalar was off, I would expect the error to be off the same direction across the board. If the latencies were off, I'd expect large error in the first column tapering down quickly.


Any ideas? Am I nitpicking? Car runs as well as before. I can't go WOT until I move my WBo2 from my other car, so this is where I'm at for a couple of days.

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I have read that the injector scaler on RR is not at all accurate...I just used the recomended latency settings for my DWs and scaled the maf around it. I am sure there are better ways to tune injectors - but that worked for me.
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I'm tempted to do that, but it just feels like a bandaid fix. I've still got the stock airbox, so the MAF scaling should be the same, BUT how else do you fix A/F error that only exists in the middle?
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Save yourself a lot of trouble and get rid of those PE injectors.


The PE850's are just fine. I've been running them for over 3 years now. Set 'em up right and forgetaboutit. The frustratng part with the PE850's is finding good latencies.


OP, sounds like you aren't that far off. When you get your WB02 on that will help immensely. I would ignore the RR tool completely and use you LTFT's and observed WB02 data to dial in. You may have to fiddle with your MAF scalar, but I tweaked mine even back when I had stock injectors and stock airbox.

My '05 LGT

My '07 Supercharged Shelby

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I was just ignoring that post. I've used PE's on other cars without any problems. I think a lot of their bad rep came from early UTEC days (mine was delivered Dec '02.) Back then, there wasn't an adjustment for latency, so PE's higher lag wasn't suited to the UTEC. That's another car, another time though.


As for tweaking MAF on a stock car, I had an FXT with maxed out LTFT's bone stock!


I'll keep an eye on it and just run it as-is until I can pull the WB out of my rex. It is odd that the lower and upper ends are ok, but the middle is out of whack.

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