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need a few items, where can I get?

dead ringer

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hey guys, just picked up an 05 LGT yesterday and there are a few items I need to replace. Been looking over the forums and a few vendors, yet I cant find any "upgraded" motor mounts..? While at it I want to pick up some kartman endlinks and the front rear control arm bushings (? what is this) need to be replaced. I would like to a find one company where I can purchase all these items (but upgraded). Any recommendations on where to buy and besides the kartman endlinks, any suggestions on what brands? thanks guys
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Check out the vendors in the classifieds or http://www.fredbeansparts.com


And you mean Kartboy endlinks :lol:. I like them, nice and sturdy.


And do you mean lower control arm (LCA) bushings? Or the entire lower control arm itself? I have the Whiteline LCA front/rear bushings (front of the LCA, and rear of same LCA)


Not sure about the motor mounts, but I believe there is a Group N/STI motor mount for our cars.

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Damn! Wish I had seen this. We usually beat FB pricing :(




http://www.pbase.com/paisan/image/91072632.jpg http://www.pbase.com/paisan/image/133406601.jpg

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