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newbie here need help please

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No...we are dicks to ANYONE that doesn't bother to do 30 seconds of research.


I've taken time to make FAQs, and so have a few other people. Its kind of irritating when someone doesn't even both to read the hard work that I have done or someone else has done.


However, I can't complain too much...because I've only seen 1 thread about turbo since I made the FAQ lol


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yeah i did do some research before i posted this , i just wanted other opinions from people because theirs a variety of sites and places where i can find good performance parts as well and some places that i dont know , i try too keep an open mind but thanks to the ones that helped and to the ones that gave useless info as well, yeah and fyi forums are for helping other car enthusiasts wether they be newbies or veterans at this yall know everybody started from zero at one point
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