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How old is too old?

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Hi folks... thanks for the invite to your site. :D


So I've got an 05 LGT L 5MT, black on tan leather. Mileage is at 145k with 75% of that on the highway. It's bone stock with a shorty shifter and some DWS marshmallows for rubber.


Nothing has ever broken on this car... best car ever... I have owned and run GM/Ford/VW/BMW/Honda... and some real fuglies I'd rather not admit to touching.


Love the car and am looking for an 05 Wagon MT (if you have one for sale PM me).


The turbo, engine, suspension etc, are all original. No accidents. Timing belt was done at 100k.


My wife needs something newer to drive and likes the Forester... I do not.


So do I trade in the LGT now for a forester? or do I keep it knowing that I will need to replace the suspension, and turbo soon.


Most important: will the 145k long block hold up to stage 2 (or for how long...lol)


So what would you do?


Oh, and the replacement vehicle while I wait for my unicorn is a 95 F150 :eek:

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145K, thats getting a little high. I hear alot of people start to replace alot of stuff around your milage. Even a little before it.

Plus, subies arent known to run forever like a honda/toyota. I would trade it in for a new forester. its a little bit of a downgrade, but your wife is the one driving it, and its brand new. Heard nothing but great things about it as well.

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145K, thats getting a little high.... subies arent known to run forever like a honda/toyota.



umm.... i completely disagree. i still have my first legacy with 200K on the clock and still running and i know its not the exception.


really?? lol

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^x2. Completely disagree. Have seen MANY subie over 200k miles.


The new Fozzy is only good if you are going to get the NA motor and even then its a POS in my opinion.


Seriously not an option and not even going to CONSIDER the POS untill Subaru gets with the program and realizes that lower end KOREAN cars come with 6spd auto trannies.


4spd is not only unacceptable, its archaic and offensive. I drove one and it felt like a POS next to driving a Hyundai Elantra rental. Wow, thats sad.


You are NOT upgrading for a more expensive car with less tech. Drop 3k and make your car flawless again for another 50k +.


Its still cheaper than a car payment that way and is a better looking car.


FWIW, you are not going to get a 5mt wagon without paying out the ass. They sell for a premium and are rare. An 5eat wagon on the other hand...

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thanks guys.


With the body and interior still nearly perfect I am leaning towards LALGT's idea. I know the history of this car vs someone else's. Besides... my wife still needs a car/wagon :icon_bigg


The long block with 145k is really my only concern bc I am ready to convert to at least stage 2. What kind of power will the stock block hold?.

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Gire is gonna quit posting. He is too old. :lol:


With your mileage I would not entertain going over Stage 2.


If you want, go stage 2, its the prep for everthing else. Worry about the block and when it comes time for the next clutch job, have saved up for a new block with some goodies in it.


I got bored with the LGT and was in your shoes. 10k later I have a new car that will CRUSH 98% of cars on the road that I cannot imagine parting with. A local asked me how much I would sell it for.


I said it was not for sale but he pushed me.


I replied $35,000 cash.




Yeah thats right. Thats what it will take to get me into another car I will like as much.







Replace all your bushings and mounts

Replace your suspension with Koni's and Springs (I suggest swifts or pinks)

Get yourself a nice set of $600 drag wheels and some new tires

Replace your pads with upgraded brakepads and DEFINATELY new brake lines. Stoptech steelbraided are cheaper than OEM.

COMP is selling clutches cheap right now. So is Clutchmaster.

Get yourself a $100 set of HID headlights

Tint the windows

Find a LOW MILEAGE vf40/vf46 turbo to replace the oem.

Get a downpipe, up and a tune.



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Not to be a debbie downer, but only do the mods if you will do everything 100% right. Get your car properly tuned so as not to sacrifice the RELIABILITY. At 145k, your car CAN be stage2'd, but it's more things to go wrong IF something were to fail. If you're not a gearhead and don't tinker with your car regularly, don't get in over your head with modifications that you can't check often.


"Stay stock stay happy" is a great motto to live by, especially with high mileage cars.


One of my friends had an STi, modified it as fast as he could without actually planning his build properly, then blamed Subaru for building a crappy car when his engine wasn't built properly and he was pushing too much power through it. "I'll never buy a Subaru again" is what he said, to which I replied, "Subaru doesn't want you to buy another car from them again."


LALGT's mod list is very conservative, and shouldn't sacrifice the reliability of your car. You'll regain the sharpness of the chassis with the new bushings, and some newfound power will be great. However, you'll regret it if you do stage2 and it starts blowing blue smoke, or blows a rod bearing. Don't beat the living hell out of it and you'll be a happy camper :)

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I've turned a wrench or two. This car is my daily driver. My project car is a 50 Chevy 5 window that lays frame. I was modding third gen F-bodies before most of the members here had a licence.


I $topped modding them becau$e fa$t car$ tend to break fa$ter.


The idea is to have a quick DD that won't grenade on me.


Clutch is wearing thin (it's original) and a large Subaru dealership in the DesMoines area botched my timing belt install because they bought the wrong water pump gaskets. Since I dont live there I couldn't stay in town while they played at being mechanics and order a new set.


Still waffling on this idea. Fact is I can get an 05 or 06 with half the mileage, sell mine, stage 2 the newer car, and get another 70K out of it before it hits 145k again. In the end the cost will probably be the same.

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