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Intermittent starting when CEL is on

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Hello, just joined and hoping the group can help me with this.


I bought my first Subaru Legacy Brighton about 6 months ago and shortly after buying it the CEL would come on and the engine would turn over and not start, this usually goes on for about 10 minutes then the car will start. If the CEL is not the engine starts without a problem.


So I procrastinated on getting this fixed until this week when on holidays of course and the car refused to start so it was a tow home and renting a car. Thinking that the problem has come to a point where a part must be changed I came home turned over the engine and it started right away. :spin:


I have not checked for codes hoping that this may be a problem with these cars and someone can point me in the right direction.


Any suggestions greatly appreciated.



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that code will pinpoint your problem,


use an obdii reader that o'reillys/autozone/shucks/ napa lets you use, theyll try to tell you its not obdii and youll tell them to fuk themselves..pull the code, the ecu should shill have the code in it even when the light isnt on, post back here for solutions

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nobody can help you unless you pull your codes. it can literally be ANYTHING.


The check engine light means something is wrong. Maybe you should have fixed it instead of ignored it


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