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Coolant Leak

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Checked fluids a while back, coolant was pretty much gone. Temperature gauge was reading normal, limped home. Went to Subaru and got some coolant, filled her up and checked around for evidence of leaks (didn't get under her real well) and found nothing. Drove for 3ish days checking the coolant every time I drove and she was fine. Day 4(?) I check the coolant and its right at "Low", top her off and drive her for a few more days, again checking every day. A few days later and shes gone from just over full to just below full. Topped her off again and still driving. I don't see any obvious evidence of a leak, no puddle in the driveway. I know that the head gasket is a common issue for the EJ25.. But is there any other common issue I can hope it is/check for before I take her in? I know step 1, I need to get a better look under her and try to spot coolant leaking from a loose hose clamp or something. Any help would be appreciated.
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Only check it when the engine is cold. That's the only true reading you'll have.


Fill the overflow bottle to the cold level line.


When it's hot your never sure what the system is doing. It's all based on pressure and temp.

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