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ScanGauge 2 Custom Mount

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http://www.scangauge.com/ I got one of these devices and wasn't sure where to mount it. The velcro they provided so you could mount it on top of the steering column was a cheesy idea. I like the pocket beneath my radio too much. (it's pretty low to keep looking down there anyway) I decided on the top of the dash area. Fiberglass was a possibility for making the housing but I found a different product that sounded promising. Its a 2 part "clay" that cures chemically. It's called Magic Sculpt. http://www.magicsculp.com/

The product I used to give it it's texture is SEM 39853 Texture Coating. http://sem.ws/Catalog.asp?prod=145 That stuff took some practice, (I never really got it the way I wanted it)

I painted it with Spray Max. http://www.66autocolor.com/SprayMax_2K_Aerosol_Auto_Paint_p/spm-mix2k.htm The process goes like this: The guy at the auto body supplier took a cordless scanner to my dash, scanned it in a few spots and got an average. 5 minutes later I got a rattle can of paint. He goofed though. It's way too dark. He might have gotten the formula correct but the base he used is called Chrysler Black. I mixed paint at Lowes before and know that trying to make a black lighter is possible, but would require a lot of light pigment.

The clear coat I used is SEM 13023 Low Luster Clear. http://sem.ws/Catalog.asp?prod=190 It will have the same sheen as the factory vinyl and can accept products like Armour All once cured.

Anyway, I still need to repaint it to match the dash, I got the new proper paint but not the motivation.











RIP 96 Legacy 2.2 4EAT lost reverse @ 374,000 miles
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