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Weird DTC after cobbTuning programmation


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I just bought an Accessport and I uplaoded the Stage 2 91 map. I have the mods needed for stage 2 but now my engine cuts and I get a P0244: Wastegate Control Selenoid Range/Performance code.


Is there anyone who had the same thing?? Do I get this code because the boost is now too high or do I just need to replace the Wastegate Control Selenoid??

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Thread revival

Happened to me tonight

Cobb AP stage 2 91CAlifornia gas

CNT catted DP, 5EAT

New Stromung CBE.

Pulled a 3rd gear log mostly to listen to the exhaust, and got the CEL

While accelerating, felt a hesitation/clunk like a hard shift, but no shift occurred, backed off.

Attached is log, such as it is (I don't really know what should be logged)

Your thoughts?

Clearly over boosting, what is with the deal with the huge drop in injector duty cycle? Is that in response to the overboost?


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I had the same problem with my car. It overboosted from time to time after I went stage II. Then I added a catback and it would overboost religiously under heavy throttle. A protune took care of it without changing the ebcs, however, I wish I would have changed it out at the time. Would have saved me a step in the future.
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