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fxr retrofit


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Well after a small mishap...clumsiness I tell you :eek:...I am finally getting my fxr retro going again. Only had about an hour and a half yesterday but the progress is looking good as usual. Have probably another 3 hours to go and this set should be good to go. I may even offer this sweet set up for sale...















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Well had another half hour or so today so the other reflector is cut and ready for fitting. Also picked up some matte silver metallic paint for the primed shroud. Decided I will black the trim and turn signals....looking forward to hopefully get some painting and fitting done tomorrow...damn I need more time!
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Some more progress pictures. Everything going well so far but there is a problem with the projectors...if anyones has been on the hidplanet forum you will see quite a few posts regarding what is referred to as the fx-r 2.0. Apparently all of us early adopters are suffering from a somewhat bowed cutoff. But as of a little bit ago there seems to be some resolution. Glad mine were nearly perfect but things like this always slow progress.... Any who should have them painted and back together by Sunday! Just as a side note...these pics were taken just after the JB weld was set...so no alignment has been done, but for the most part they are perfect.









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Well the project is dead. After a couple of days trying to correct the projector problems I was at a loss. As of right now myself and the hidplanet members are calling this revision a huge step back. So in the words of Consumer Reports "this product is not recommended".
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