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Upgrading Megan racing coilovers advice needed


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I have a set of megan racing coilovers, and am trying to get a smoother ride. I have the regular springs on them.

After searching and reading and searching more, has anyone put the upgraded springs on(10K) and found the ride to be more harsh?


I am finding that when I go over bumps I hear a loud clunk that sounds like my sidewall on my tire is a 30 series. Before I get the "tighten down the strut nut, your camber plates are loose" I am using factory top hats.


The bumps that cause this problem are usually sharp bumps, like that of tar that has rippled up or a bad approach to train tracks. Normal bumps, like on the free way don't give me problems nor do those same bumps at lower speeds.


The idea is to get a low spring rate helper spring to make my ride more like stock(and like kw's) I know the kw's have better valving, but how?


It doesn't bounce after i hit a bump, o I don't "think" I am under dampening, but I am at full soft.


Anyone that can give me some useful information (not the "you should have bought KW's...) would be appreciated. I know I didn't get the best set of coilovers, but I would think that it should be possible to improve the ride.


Just using the factory front top hats increased the ride quality night and day, so I think there should be room to improve.


Also, my preload is hand tight plus a half turn, then locked.



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Thats what I thought, but I have seen people post that the spring rate doesn't change the ride and that its only dampening. I don't want to go to a 10K, but if someone has and compare it to the stock MR spring, you could assume that going down in spring rate would have the opposite effect.
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I don't think I can go wider that 225, since my current rims are not wide enough. I have a set in the garage that I am going to see if I can mount wider tires.

I know I can go to a 45 series, which would help with comfort, but I would be changing my odometer. I may go 215/45R18, which would only increase it by a bit... who knows...

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