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Legacy 2009 Caska multimedia system installation.


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Ok so I ordered from the German guy against advice :) It seems he was more upfront this time around, Black Colour, Euro maps etc..


It got delivered yesterday and I have been tinkering with it. Loaded some NZ maps onto the SDCard. It runs iGO.


As you can see I have managed to get into the WINCE portion of it, via the NAV program. I have loaded WolfNCU on the SDCard to assist with this, great program btw.


It appears the WINCE portion is running from ROM, so any new folders etc aren't saved on restart (this is a good thing incase you screw it up), so if you require installing programs or changes then they must be made on the SDCard.

There is NAND storage 21MB, which doesn't seem to have anything in it.


CPU - Telechips ARM926-TCC79X

Memory- Looks like about ~128MB Ram

OS WINCE 5.00 (Build 1400)


As you can see there is potential to run a lot of programs through Wince 5.

However there is only 1 USB host port.


I think the startup program (radio/TV/AV etc) maybe another program, I am unsure if these are being run by Wince. Since while WINCE is loaded the Radio still works.


If you switch to the Radio interface, then back to the Nav your Wince session will remain with what ever program you were running previously.


Well that's all I've explored so far.. More to come..




I don't have a Subaru, but I do have a Caska Multimedia Center - CA3657 - on my Honda CRV 2009.


I downloaded the WolfNCU from the link you provided and put it on an SD Card but it didn't work... Can you help me with further instructions on how to manage to get into the WinCE with it?


I'd like to update my Caska firmware or at least change the skin of it - mine sucks - but I really don't know.


Thanks in advance!

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Hi You need to edit the maplaunch.ini file in the root of the SD Card, to add in another app like the WolfNCU.exe file.


You can't change the skin of the UI, you can only change stuff after loading GPS i.e. Wince stuff. The other GUI that runs the whole unit Radio/CD/DVD etc is some custom Caska ROM.

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