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Is This thing for Real?


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Welcome to the internet! Why don't you buy it and give us all an update.




In for results!

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How much HP gain can I expect?

Answer: Gains on stock 4 cylinder to heavily modified 8 cylinder engines have yielded 4-6% increases. That's 5-15HP depending on your base flywheel HP. If you are removing a stock air-box, gains for cool air tubes and cone filters are up to 5HP by themselves. The RAM with its 5-15 HP adds to ALL OTHER MODIFICATIONS, so with an intake tube will give over 20 HP of total gain for the RAM + intake system.



As much as a 20hp gain at the crank... on top of all existing modifications. I'm getting one so now I'll have 450 hp

(Updated 8/22/17)

2005 Outback FMT

Running on Electrons

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I should have inserted the sarcasm face :rolleyes:


Edit: to be devils advocate,


Is this a man or a woman?




Calling something that which it is, isn't always right ;)

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