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GT performance tires in snow?


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Hi i just got a new 2010 legacy gt and I live in rochester ny.(over 70 inches of snow so far) are the summer performance tires VERY bad to use? they seem to have some traction, but im torn: waste them, get all-seasons, buy snows(with rims) or what?

What should i do?


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Get a separate set of cheap but tough wheels for the winter (used OEM is a good bet), and put either snow-capable all-seasons or "performance winter" tires on them. I say "snow-capable" because many performance-oriented all-seasons are virtually useless in the snow, such as the RE92's. The ones that are truly snow-capable will not remotely compare to a summer tire in the summer.


Or if you've been itching for aftermarket wheels, get a nice set for the summer, and use your factory wheels as your winter set. OEM wheels are generally much tougher than low-end or even mid-range aftermarket wheels.


I used the Dunlop WinterSport 3D performance winter tire for three winters and liked it very much, though there are probably other good choices as well. Snow and especially ice traction won't be as good as with a true snow tire, but it will be far superior to any all-season.


Stick with summer tires for the summer. No all-season can compare to a good summer tire, especially an all-season that is even halfway decent in the snow.

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I replaced my all seasons with true ice/snows (bubble in A/S's sidewall) and am loving it. Takes a few days to get used to them, but now they don't bother me at all. I put them on my factory wheels, and will figure out a summer set come spring time. Remember, AWD does not equal stopping, and the higher performance tires pack with snow and just sliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiide.
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What I did was:


1. Replace summer tires with all-seasons (Eagle GT) on OEM wheels.

2. Realize ASs were not good enough, buy STI BBSs with snow tires.

3. Sell summer tires.


What I *should* have done was:


1. Replace summer tires with winter tires on OEM wheels.

2. Buy set of summer wheels.

3. Sell summer tires or install on summer wheels if they fit.


Keep the OEM wheels as the winter wheels because they're the ones that'll take a beating.

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A few years back I finally picked up a second set of oem wheels from a guy on this forum. I'll pick them up tonight from the shop that is putting Conti DWS's on them.


My orginal wheels have my snow tires on them.

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