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This is why you don't jam your car into 1st gear


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because you will break stuff ;)


My friend got his Outback XT high centered int he recent snow storm and then he couldn't get the car to shift in to 1st or second (it sort of went into second but would only engage once it was rolling, making it hard to drive since it had to be started in third).


Normally when this sort of thing happens you an expect to see some carnage when you open up the transmission. In this case everything looked perfect except the 1-2 slider would not even move toward 1st and would only move about half-way to second :confused:



Here is a Pic of the inside of the transmission case, the main shaft and the front differential - 5th gear is on the right in the pan and 1st is the last gear on the left.




Bad pics of the stack of what Subaru calls the "Pinion shaft"






So everything looks to be in perfect condition, but the 1-2 slider won't move, after studying the parts for quite a while, I determined the problem and it is shown in this picture. The dog gears on 1st slammed into the slider and deformed the face of the slider enough to prevent it's smooth travel. It is pretty subtle.




New parts on the way, along with a new 07+ single mass flywheel clutch - he also completely took out the clutch and put a ton of heat into the pressure plate and flywheel.

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Ugh, pics blocked at work.
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He claims garden gnomes must have slipped into the garage one evening and caused the damage :lol:


However, I am going with the theory that he slammed it into 1st (or attempted to) when he got high centered during a snow storm. My theory is supported by the facts....

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Hey Rao,

Just curious I am currently having that issue with my 05 lgt 5mt. going to be tearing it apart tomorrow. Do you have a parts list and approx cost of fixing car. Minus the labor, if you charged any considering it was a friend.



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