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Mounting the Cop-Stopper


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I got fed up with suction cups not sticking so I decided to get a hard mount point that attaches to the mirror. I'll post some pictures when it comes in. Some others on here have had it in the past, but I never saw any pictures.


I didn't want to pay $80 for the blendmount... that's more than half of what I payed for the detector itself :eek:

[ame=http://www.amazon.com/BlendMount-Beltronics-Escort-Detector-Quality/dp/B002J47Q3O/ref=pd_sim_e_14]Amazon.com: BlendMount Your Beltronics / Escort Radar Detector. High Quality Custom Mount: Automotive[/ame]


So I tried the "Country Joy Crafts" mount. It was only $60 and there's something nice about thinking I just payed some hillbilly to machine me a nice bracket. I feel like I stimulated the economy in the best possible way.



In any case, if you've had experience with this I'd be interested in hearing. I measured the mirror with an open ended 3/4 wrench and it didn't even come close to fitting so I assumed that ours was the 23mm size.

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I've used both the blendmount and country joy craft mount on previous vehicles of mine and on the Legacy. The blendmount is definitely a much more solid design, with a lot more adjustability. The downside is, of course, the price.



The country joy crafts mount was decent, but I found that it caused the detector to vibrate a bit, which was audible all the time and quite annoying. You may or may not have this problem with yours, but the solution I came up with was a clear plastic 3M "dot" type thing (the type of mount you usually see on the bottom of electronics and things like that, so they don't stratch the surface you put them on) which has adhesive on one side. I mounted it to the top of the detector, and adjusted the mount so that the 3M and mirror were touching. This stopped the vibration. Again, may or may not help you out, but it was the one thing which really annoyed me about that mount...

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