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I know a majority of colorado owners have been to Heuberger and dealt with them. I go to them for my services and finding parts. I've always found them to be very friendly and always easy to work with.


I got a piece of mail from them talking about their used inventory swap and wanting to buy my car in exchange for "...Equity for a new set of keys..." basically on a used '10 with a warranty or a brand new 2011 subaru. There's no asterisk btw.


Anyway, my question is, has anyone else recieved one of these in the mail? And what do you guys think overall? I love my legacy and I've dumped...a lot into her since I've owned it for the past year. I searched for a long time while I was on deployment to find one. If I could, I'd get an 07 cuz I find a really need fold down seats lol.

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I bought my first subi at heuberger. Not a bad dealership as dealerships go.


I'm not really sure what you are asking. Personally if you have one that you are happy with why risk buying someone else's problem? Also I am sure they will expect some money to be exchanged in the transaction. Dealerships don't give you newer cars for nothing. You might try the mountain west section for more local info.

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