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Group N Engine Mounting Ques....

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So I put in a newer EJ25D engine (without bent valves) in my BD LGT and in the process I replaced both engine mounts with the Group N mounts from RalliSpec :woowoo: Now I put them on the plates right and 99.9999999% sure I put the plates on the engine right, but for the life of me I can't get the engine to sit on the crossmember properly :spin: ....There are two little tabs on the cross member that I am pretty sure the mounts are supposed to sit in between, but I can't get both to sit between the tabs, either one sits properly and the other will sit ontop of the tab, or vice versa...even tried using a pry bar to nudge the engine off of the tab, but thats not working either....so any tips or suggestions here would really be great and save me from going bald by pulling my hair out
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