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Tokyo Auto Salon pics


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Ross in Japan recently visited the Tokyo Auto Salon - here's some of the shots from the show:


Legacy tS Concept







Forester tS Concept



STI tS Concept









Liberal "Albero" body kit on a Legacy Wagon:









Paul Hansen


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I like the Legacy wagon tS!
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wonder what tS stands for? me want the forester tS


I believe it stands for Technica Subaru. aka STI. I think it's the new badging for the STI models.


Someone correct me if I'm wrong.


It stands for "tuned by STI" (note the lower case "t" in "tuned"). STI stands for Subaru Tecnica International (note the lack of "h" in "Tecnica").


They've had the Legacy tS for a couple years now in Japan and Australia/New Zealand.

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I'd buy the white Legacy Wagon. SOA is too punch drunk to get LGT wagons made in US again though.


And yes, id' have to get rid of sticking out arches. Must be ROW body.

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Actually, I believe SOA created SPT as a cheaper alternative to STI parts, as STI parts were somewhat pricey. SPT is just parts. (and I believe the SPT parts are US-sourced)


tS just means that the folks at Subaru Tecnica International massaged that model.


The Legacy tS had a bunch of STI parts on it, and handling was tuned by the STI folks.

The new Impreza WRX STI tS was created by the STI team taking an off-the-shelf STI model and putting some effort into making it better.

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Technically... it's confusing exactly what STI means.


STI is a separate division of SOJ that provides R&D of parts and the STI model, and creates the STI line of optional parts for many other Subaru models. They create the Group N parts for rallying and spend a lot of effort there.


However, the Impreza WRX STI is produced on a factory line by the main company, so while branded a STI, it's still a Subaru model. (confused yet?)

tS models (and other past Tuned By.... models) are factory cars that go through the STI division and carry selectively upgraded parts. The plain jane STI model in Japan doesn't get all of the premium parts (or tuning) available via STI, those are all optional parts only.


It's probably easier to understand if you look at the competitor, Ralliart/Mitsubishi Motors. Even Wikipedia gets some details wrong about that. Originally, Lancer Evolution models were called Ralliart Lancer Evolutions - that is because they were *built* by Ralliart, and were actually not Mitsubishi's. They indeed used a Mitsubishi Lancer chassis, but those chassis were shipped from Mitsubishi and stripped down bare by Ralliart and reworked. Versions 1 through 6 were done this way, and indeed, that's why official versions sold in the UK were called Ralliart Evolutions.


From Version 7, Mitsubishi "absorbed" the Ralliart division/company and started creating Lancer Evolutions on a factory line. This is why "purists" in Japan detest V7 Evolutions onwards.


I know these details because of 1) living in Japan and 2) I worked for Mitsubishi Jidousha (Mitsubish Motors Japan) for 10 years. >.>

And there are good reasons I'll never by an Evo. <.<


Anyways, I'm fairly certain a similar relationship existed between Subaru and STI, and to be honest, even to today, they view themselves as somewhat separate companies.




Paul Hansen


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