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Whats the most ridiculous thing you've broken?

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found this on legacycentral.




Thought I'd wrap this thread up.

Broke the axle stub off the rear diff.

We repaired it and are still beating this car to death.






something else we recently broke in an interesting fashion...


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The clutch in my 97LGT went out the day after I was teaching my wife how to drive stick. I went to shift into 5th and it only reved when I let go of the clutch. When I got everything broken apart, I found that the center of the clutch had been shattered.


As well on my 97LGT, the upstream o2 sensor wiring got wrapped up in the axle and caused an electrical and ecu nightmare.....about 300 miles from home. 600 dollars later I arrived at home in a tow truck with my car on the back of it.


On my 93 Chevy 1500 (lifted w/ 36 inch super swamper TSL SXs) I punched through the body mounts. It had a suspension and a body lift on it. The lift blocks for the body were poking through the floorboard after one trip in the woods. I also destroyed 3 engines in mud holes in that truck lol


My first Legacy (93 L) I destroyed a control arm the day I got it avoiding a deer


haha I've broke tons of shit


Working as a mechanic, I've seen all kinds of weird things. Strut springs that have gone through the strut tower due to rust.....exhaust thats been held up by coat hangers and duct tape.....brakes that are so far destroyed that the caliper pistons were literally hanging out because the inboard pad was completely gone.....fuel lines held in with zip ties....etc


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