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Am I being realistic?


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Im in the process of selling my Trailblazer to make way for a subi and Id like to be in a 4th gen LGT 5MT LTD for right around the $10000 range. Am I being at all realistic?


I did find a couple for near that price that Im interested in, but havnt sold the TB yet so im just waiting for a buyer before I make a move. I obviously dont mind traveling for the right car, but like I said Id like to be in one for around $10k including travel expenses.


Here are the ones I like so far:












The second one is the #1 color combo im looking for, followed closely by the dark blue color.


Someone buy my TB so I can buy a Subi!!!!!!

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I'll bite...All are close or over 90K. A service is due at that time, which is approx 300-400 dollars. The 2nd listing(rochester) has a new turbo, question is, when/why has the factory turbo shot already. On the plus side, it's a new turbo. If it were me, I'd got w/ #2 or #3.
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I always pay more for lower mileage, well documented used cars.


But if you can pay less for any of the above, and keep some money aside for the big 90K service and possible turbo replacement in the future, then go for it!

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Just hang in there man, you will find one for around that price. I was looking for about 5 months until I found the one for me. I picked up an 05 lgt in GRP for $9700 with only 61,xxx miles.


Its all about patience, and using the right tools to search craigslist...


Try this site out...




its what I used to ultimately find my car...

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Im not worried about the "big 90k mi service." I work at a subaru dealership, in the bodyshop actually. One of the subaru techs does work on the side and anything maintenance related im not worried about.


I found the ones above on searchtempest actually. Im still pissed Craigslook doesnt work anymore.


The search continues.......

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