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completly after market engine management.

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Iv been getting pretty sick of the stock way or things.. cant tune, cant do one thing with out it causing a code or cripple the whole car.. so i was looking around and saw, mega squirt.


now could i replace the stock ecu with this.... or link another ecu that doe this... just run what is needed for an efi engine to run.

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Ah the good ol' megasquirt! lol


This is an expensive project and not likely one that someone can do on their own at home unless you have very good knowledge about ECU mapping and wiring.


First question is, do you have an automatic or manual transmission. If you're driving an automatic, then you will have to do a piggyback system. If you're driving a manual you can run a full stand alone ecu.


With that being said, either way you go you're going to have to do a bunch of wiring. After all is said and done, you're going to have to get it tuned on a dyno each and every time you make some kinda change to the car.


Its not really a plug and play kind of thing. There is A LOT involved in running a new ECU. As well, if you screw up your ECU settings, you will blow up your engine. Its best left to the pros who will charge you a few grand to do the complete job.


Anyways, you will benifit almost nothing from a tune and ecu if your car is stock (or close to it).


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